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Batman Ocean of APK Batman – The Telltale Series 1.63 Apk Data Download for Android With Unlimited Coins the latest v1.30 and crack version.Ocean of apk Batman+Data OBB with unlimited money+hack is an awesome game to play.

Overview of Batman Ocean of APK

Batman – The Telltale Series v1.63 [Unlocked] – fantastic new games for Android mobile Batman data .The unlocked version – the first game of the season and the name of the realm of shadows .Games is offline.

Batman – The Telltale Series incredibly beautiful and popular game in the genre of adventure games emerged from the studio Telltale Games for devices with Android for over two minutes before the first edition was released for free on Google Play Again as always decided to it’s the first time you play lovers of Tel oil and to give it for free!Game Batman: The Telltale Series is a five part episodic game that tells part of the story of Batman for you; studio in Batman: The Telltale Series aims to make Bruce Wayne’s story had a few years in the form of Batman Gatam offenders to account is to portray! The story of this game that has nothing to do with the movie or the last game of the characters we’ve seen, not even in terms of comparison with comics of Batman, Batman The Telltale Series only names and comic characters used to write their own story! However the game is faithful to the comic series Batman! If you are interested in adventure games android or Tel fuel undoubtedly play Batman – The Telltale Series with its superb design and engaging gameplay will give you hours of riveting phone!


The game Batman – The Telltale Series begins where Bruce Wayne at the beginning of his career as Batman to take over the city Gatam, and still people are calling him a rebel! One night a group of mercenaries to steal information from Gotham City Hall are a series Batman arrives during the robbery, after the skirmish and get to the safe, where the information is located, with the character of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman learn! On the other hand the support of Harvey Dent Bruce Wayne, your advertising campaign for mayor of his advance, from the point of the story Batman and Harvey Dent party advertising magnificent property of Bruce Wayne started gradually, Tel fuel Gymz Background story Batman: the Telltale Series tells the rest of the realm of shadows! Yes, you heard me right. The first part of this series is the realm of shadows in principle the introduction of the four upcoming episodes! Gatam Prkhshm world, the world of Batman characters and a new story that is deeply into Bruce Wayne’s challenge! Since the game is episodic, during the flow of the game a series of decisions intended for you is that you engaged for hours! We are Apkfineunlocked version of the game data with habitual users, we introduce you we are sure about Psndtan actually be!

Note: Play for Android devices with Android or Android 5 with OpenGL 3.1 is 6; if you have 5 Android software using OpenGL device cpu-z, you can see what number is the CPU-Z software ]

Changes in version v1.63:

* Added support for more devices!

Installation instructions and game Batman – The Telltale Series Games:

– The installation file will download and install the game.

– Data files download it from decompress. Com.telltalegames folder . batman100 in the path of Android / Obb internal memory copy.

– Run the game.

Supported Android Versions

Batman Ocean of APK

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Batman – The Telltale Series 1.63 Apk 

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Batman – The Telltale Series 1.63 Data

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